Cutout Chevron Blues

Monday Blues! But it’s definitely not the sad kind!

I received a fun box of surprises from Julep. They sent me some lovely products to participate in their #bravepretty campaign. Which I resonate with because I’ve grown up full of insecurities as a kid and young adult. I am an extremely shy person, and not outspoken. I think my life only changed in my late 20s where I was able to accept that I am who I am. And I don’t have to be afraid of life. Although occasionally it gets the best of me. Public speaking is still the worse. Haha.

However in the past year, I have found a new Brave Pretty. I became a mom last October to a beautiful baby girl. She means the world to me. It has definitely been a new and challenging experience. And some days were rougher than others. Especially in regards to sleep during the early months. Sometimes you have sooooo much work to do, so many chores to take care of, but your child needs you. Brave Pretty for me is being a mom. Not just me, but other mothers. In your most non-makeup, bed-head hair tied in a bun, sloppy clothes covered in spit, drool, baby food, other random stuff…nothing beats the joy of your child looking up at you, smiling at you, loving you so much that they cry when you leave the room. It is hard work and not always pretty. But it is worth it.

Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty

Now back to the goodies!

Julep lipsticks in gorgeous colors! Happy Hour (l) and Stepping Out (r). They are part of the Light on Your Lips Collection at $22 USD each.
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty

I have yet to try these Gel Eye Gliders (hopefully I can post a photo of it in use soon). The purple is called Radiant Amethyst and the blue is Regal Teal Shimmer. They look beautiful and cost $16 USD each.
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty

Last but not least are the polishes! Love. These formulas were easy to apply! Briana is the darker blue crème, while Danielle is the shimmery cerulean blue duochrome.
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty

I created myself some nail vinyls in a chevron shape and painted Briana at the base with Danielle at the tips. I left a chevron cutout in my natural nail color and then finished it off with a top coat.
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty
Petite Peinture: Julep Brave Pretty

Disclaimer: Colors on monitors may vary and affect the actual color of the product. Products shown here were sent to Petite Peinture. All opinions are strictly our own.

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