Julep Christmas Hello Kitty

Hi guys, Rathy and I are taking over Julep’s instagram account!

This look features Hello Kitty in various Christmas outfits! I wanted to paint Christmas themed nail art without it being too generic like Christmas trees, or snowflakes, etc. In general, I like to add a little something special and put an extra spin on holiday themed nails. They are quite fun for me. Of course, I do enjoy the simple looks as well, but I find painting small details rather therapeutic. Honestly I struggle a bit with taping as I get impatient waiting for my layers to dry. ;)

That said, yes, this is entirely hand painted! I’ve had several people at work asking me if these were stickers, but nope. I painted every stroke, that’s why the lines are so imperfect. @_@ I do think it’s a huge improvement already from last year, but there’s always more room for growth!

On my ring finger, I’m using Julep January. This is one of my all time favorite reds. It’s a lovely true red, and the formula is excellent. I would have to say this is a must have for any nail polish addict’s collection. It is beautiful on its own and super easy to work with in nail art as well. Often times I struggle with polishes getting to thick or clumpy as I’m layering them, but Julep January is just magic. *_* I use it in so many looks.

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Pictured below, I’m holding Julep Rebel. It’s a silver holographic that dries a bit matte. As a base for my nail art, I believe it worked well, the formula was good. As a holographic I’ve seen better silver ones. It’s a pretty polish, but not a must have.

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

The pink I’m using across all the Hello Kittys is Julep Laree, and if you guys don’t know already from my previous posts, I am absolutely in love with this polish. I love the subtle orange-yellow shimmer and pink sorbet color.

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

Products used: Julep Laree, Julep January, Julep Rebel, Julep Jules, Julep Leila, Julep Cody, Julep Cleopatra, Julep Brigitte, Julep Rooney, Julep Tatum, and Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat

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3 thoughts on “Julep Christmas Hello Kitty

  1. Cat

    Hi Daisy, WOW! This is really great work! How long do you generally wear a manicure that takes a long time to paint, as I’m sure this one did? It’s super cute.

    1. DaisyDaisy Post author

      Hi Cat! Thank you so much :love: Generally I only keep manicures on for 2-3 days either because I have an itch to paint something new or I want my nails to take a break.

      If I have a friend I want to show it to in person, I’ll keep my manicure on until I hang out with them that week. Or if there’s one I’m particularly proud of, I’ll keep it on for about a week. :nerd:

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