Il Etait Un Vernis – Végétal

The lovely ladies at Il Etait Un Vernis sent us another gorgeous collection! This one is called Végétal which translates to “vegetable” in English but generally means something more like “plant life” I think. We’re moving on from the cold winter into spring. That means new life, new growth, and everything is exploding with colors and scents.

This new collection is full of color and perfect for spring. Again, the formula is amazing. I really love how the polishes go on. You can find more information on their polishes here.

And now on to the polishes!
Petite Peinture: Il Etait Un Vernis - Végétal
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Something Blue Tutorial

Today, we’ve partnered with Julep to bring you guys some potential wedding nail art looks. This was inspired by something blue. I’ve been gushing over the new Julep Shelly, from the Julep January 2015 Maven Box. It is such a perfect shade of robin’s egg blue. It’s a creme polish with a decent finish. The formula is pretty easy to work with if you use light coats between layers. Really really lovely shade of blue, so happy to add this one to my collection. ^_^

Julep Petite Peinture Something Blue Wedding Floral Nail Art

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piCture pOlish Monroe Swatch + Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone! Today I have a swatch of piCture pOlish monroe 2.0 and some Pi day nail art to share. :)

Monroe is a lovely deep burgundy scatter holo jelly. It is opaque in 2-3 coats, and dries shiny and flat! The swatch photos below are without a layer of top coat! This is not a glitter polish either, so it’s super easy to remove as well.

Petite Peinture piCture pOlish Monroe Swatch

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Something Borrowed

For this look, I have something borrowed. It is actually something very meaningful to me (as well as my husband), because what inspired this look was the pearl necklace that belonged to my husband’s late mother. I wore it on our wedding day so that she was able to be a part of the ceremony and celebration of our marriage, even though she could not be with us physically.

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