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piCture pOlish Monroe Swatch + Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone! Today I have a swatch of piCture pOlish monroe 2.0 and some Pi day nail art to share. :)

Monroe is a lovely deep burgundy scatter holo jelly. It is opaque in 2-3 coats, and dries shiny and flat! The swatch photos below are without a layer of top coat! This is not a glitter polish either, so it’s super easy to remove as well.

Petite Peinture piCture pOlish Monroe Swatch

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31DC2014: Day 01 Red Nails

What is 31DC2014 you ask? (My boyfriend asked). It stands for 31 Day Challenge 2014! For 31 days I will be painting my nails daily, each day a new theme or challenge. The theme list is included in the image below. Several nail art & polish bloggers are tackling this challenge during the month of September and I thought it would be fun to try it out. Wish me luck! @_@

31DC2014 31 Day Challenge Petite Peinture Chalkboardnails

Day 1’s prompt is Red. I decided to kick this challenge off with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton style). I thought she would be perfect for red. After all, she did want her roses painted red. :P

31DC2014 31 Day Challenge Petite Peinture Day 1 Red Queen of Hearts

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