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Day 16: Stone

I was pretty stoked at how these turned out. I wanted to be a little more abstract with Day 16’s challenge of “Graveyard” and decided to use the stone texture for my nail art this time.

I painted a base coat of grey, then using a mixture of the base coat with a light grey and a little bit of silver, I sponged some texture onto the nails. I added more texture by applying some fun glitter on top.

I’m definitely loving these nails!

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Day 10: Trick or Treat

I’m falling behind! Only because I was on vacation last week. Hoping to get back on track soon. When I was thinking about Day 10’s challenge, I thought about what my favorite Halloween candy was. Or rather my favorite candy in general. I love fruity hard candy, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Nerds and everything that was colorful. So I figured I’d paint my nails colorful like the candies that I love. Here is the Treat to the “Trick or Treat” theme for @californails challenge.

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Day 10: Jack-O-Lantern

My nails for @californails’ Halloween Nail Art Challenge. I’ve done the ‘trick’ part of Trick-O-Treat. :-) I saw these on a forum and just had to try them out. Although I love this glitter, I probably should have picked a different one because some of the flakes were a little too large and covered up parts of my pumpkins.
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