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31DC2014: Day 11 Polka Dots

I’m taking over for the second portion of the 31 Day Challenge, due to our busy schedules, and then Daisy will be back for the later portions.

Day 11 calls for Polka Dots! But I didn’t want to just do a regular polka dot pattern. So I did a dotted bubbly tip manicure.

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Metallic Rose Gold Angled Tips

I did these nails very quickly to participate in a Formula X sweepstakes they were holding on their Instagram. I actually realllllly love the look though and plan to wear a similar one to a wedding that I’m going to.

These were done using striping tape.

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The Nailasaurus’s Triple Triangle

We’re a huge fan of Sammy from The Nailasaurus. And when I saw her post her latest tutorial on YouTube, I had to try it out as well. It’s such a cute and simple design. You can view her Triple Triangle Nail Art Tutorial here.

Here is my own attempt at Sammy’s Triple Triangle. I could definitely see myself doing this mani again, maybe for a wedding later this year.

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Split Neutrals

So I’ve been a little behind because my thumb nail decided to crack and split half way down. And I have been waiting for it to grow out to a decent length without it looking silly. Which meant that I also had to trim the others to match. So I’m starting off new with nubs.

Since I have nubs, I thought I’d do a look that would help disguise the shortness of my nails. I used several neutrals and split two colors onto each nail to elongate them.

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