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Blue & Orange Watermarble

Blue Orange Watermarble Petite Peinture Nail Art Brave Pretty Julep
One of my favorite color combinations is Blue and Orange. (If it was not evident already based on Petite Peinture’s color scheme, or my personal website :P ) I decided to try a watermarble with the beautiful Julep Danielle and Julep Briana that Julep gave us as part of the #BravePretty campaign.

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Zoya Ignite Collection – Yuna

2 coats and a top coat
Loooooooooove! This polish is amazing. The formula coats in just two layers for full coverage. It’s a warm grey color with flecks of copper and gold “liquid metal” as it states on Zoya’s website. I absolutely love the hint of shimmer because it makes the polish a little more forgiving versus one that is a flat color polish. It’s just enough of a shimmer that keeps it sophisticated, and this warm grey is another perfect one for the fall. I’m so glad I picked up Yuna from Zoya’s Ignite Collection.

Petite Peinture: Zoya Ignite Collection - Yuna View more swatch photos ➝


Zoya Entice Collection – Genevieve

3 coats and a top coat
Genevieve is labeled as a deep rich cool leather grey color, although it actually looks more like a deep blue grey color in my opinion. And the photos will show it. The first coat will be a little alarming as it coats on very sheer. However, with patience and a couple of more coats, the formula actually works in a way where it becomes very opaque after the third coat. So use thin layers to build up your color.

Petite Peinture: Zoya Entice Collection - Genevieve View more swatch photos ➝