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Nightmare Before Christmas

With Halloween just around the corner I decided to paint Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas last weekend. Finally had some time this weekend to pull the photos off my camera to post. :)

He glows in the dark using Julep Casper layered over a coat of white nail polish. The glow looks better the longer you let it charge under the light. It’s been kind of funny going to bed these last few nights and seeing the skeleton and the moon glow on my nails. :P Unfortunately I didn’t capture a really good photo of the glow before I chipped these. Maybe next time, I will have a black light ready! In the meantime, you’ll just have to imagine a yellow-y light green glow. :)

Nightmare Before Christmas Petite Peinture Jack Skellington Nail Art
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Frankenstein Stitches

It’s been awhile since I posted last. Daisy has been holding up the fort, and I really appreciate it. The reason that I’ve been MIA is that I gave birth to my daughter and I’ve been mainly in recovery mode, as well as mommy mode. So Petite Peinture had to take a backseat for just a little bit until I get myself adjusted to this new schedule.

October has somehow flew by, and I can’t believe Halloween is next week. So I decided to do a really quick and easy nail design to post. I used my favorite nude polish by Deborah Lippmann to extend the tone of my skin. Added a tip of bright green and used a thin paint brush to paint on the stitches.

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Day 16: Stone

I was pretty stoked at how these turned out. I wanted to be a little more abstract with Day 16’s challenge of “Graveyard” and decided to use the stone texture for my nail art this time.

I painted a base coat of grey, then using a mixture of the base coat with a light grey and a little bit of silver, I sponged some texture onto the nails. I added more texture by applying some fun glitter on top.

I’m definitely loving these nails!

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