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Something New

This is the second look of our wedding nail art set for Julep!

When I think of something new, I think of something that is more bold and non-traditional for a wedding manicure. I came across a really classy modern wedding cake and it reminded me of just that. I decided to recreate design as a manicure.

I painted each layer of the cake design on a different nail using a black, white, and gold color scheme. On my thumb is a hand-painted gold rose/floral pattern on white, on my index and pinky fingers is a black lattice pattern accented by a gold dot, a simple gold dotticure on my middle finger, and a single gold rose over white on my ring finger. This a little louder than the delicate look Rathy created for Something Old, but if you’re feeling like trying something new, maybe this is the look for you. :-)

Something New Petite Peinture Julep Wedding Nail Art
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Julep Christmas Hello Kitty

Hi guys, Rathy and I are taking over Julep’s instagram account!

This look features Hello Kitty in various Christmas outfits! I wanted to paint Christmas themed nail art without it being too generic like Christmas trees, or snowflakes, etc. In general, I like to add a little something special and put an extra spin on holiday themed nails. They are quite fun for me. Of course, I do enjoy the simple looks as well, but I find painting small details rather therapeutic. Honestly I struggle a bit with taping as I get impatient waiting for my layers to dry. ;)

That said, yes, this is entirely hand painted! I’ve had several people at work asking me if these were stickers, but nope. I painted every stroke, that’s why the lines are so imperfect. @_@ I do think it’s a huge improvement already from last year, but there’s always more room for growth!

On my ring finger, I’m using Julep January. This is one of my all time favorite reds. It’s a lovely true red, and the formula is excellent. I would have to say this is a must have for any nail polish addict’s collection. It is beautiful on its own and super easy to work with in nail art as well. Often times I struggle with polishes getting to thick or clumpy as I’m layering them, but Julep January is just magic. *_* I use it in so many looks.

Julep Christmas Hello Kitty Petite Peinture Nail Art

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