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Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, I painted Coraline. I was almost going to dress up as her for Halloween since I already have a cheese-whiz yellow rain coat, but I’m missing the yellow rainboots and a blue wig. Maybe next year :P

I used ILNP Black Orchid, a beautiful plum holographic as my base and complimented it with piCture pOlish Honey Dew, a bright mint green. Orange really doesn’t suit my skin tone, so I try to find alternatives to painting Halloween themed looks without using orange too much. :P

Coraline Buttons Mint Petite Peinture Nail Art

Coraline Buttons Mint Petite Peinture Nail Art
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Tiffany Blue and White Lace

Born Pretty Store has sent us some new items to review!

This time it’s the Vintage Lacy Plaid Floral Pattern Nail Art Stamp (item #14325). You may be a little confused, because on the product page it’s labeled QA46. But on the plate itself, it says QA49.

I’m actually still a noob when it comes to stamping, so this is still mediocre at best. Hopefully I’ll get a better hang of it. I think there’s more give when it’s a full nail stamp versus a more precise design like this one where you have to make sure it lines up with your nails properly. I’m sure there are some techniques I could try to get a better placement of the design.

Don’t forget, you can get 10% off using our coupon code DGG10 at Born Pretty Store

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