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31DC2014: Day 03 Yellow Nails

31DC2014 Day 03: Yellow

I had a pretty hard time trying to come up with a villain that had a yellow color scheme. It seems as if most villains have an outfit of red, blue, purple, green, or black & white. But! After much noodling, it finally came down to either the Despicable Me minions (which I’ve already painted here), or Meowth from Team Rocket. I thought, how perfect! Meowth would be pretty fun to paint because a) he’s a Pokemon, b) he’s a Pokemon, and you can never have enough Pokemon nail art. :-)

31DC2014 31 Day Challenge Petite Peinture Day 3 Yellow Nails Meowth Villains Team Rocket Nail Art

And no worries Hello Kitty, Meowth understands how you feel. He too (at least Team Rocket’s Meowth), believes he’s not a cat and that he’s human. ;)

Meowth! That’s right!

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I saw this ADORABLE Bulbasaur T-Shirt by Tee Turtle and had to have it on my nails. I’m toying with the idea of doing a series of Pokemon starters (+Pikachu of course) nail art, I’ll probably end up doing it after I finish House Martell for my Game of Thrones set. :B

I painted Bulbasaur’s pattern on my fingers and the Tee Turtle design on my accent nail. :-)

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Pokemon: Eevee Evolutions

So… I’m pretty stoked that Pokemon X and Y are finally coming out this month! :cute: :cute: Anyone else excited?? *hears crickets* I have the game pre-ordered on Amazon and can’t wait for it to ship. There’s a new fairy type Pokemon AND a new Eevee evolution in that type, Sylveon! :love: What do you think of my Eevee Evolution nails?

From thumb to pinkie, in case you’ve forgotten your Eevee evolutions: Vaporeon (water), Espeon (psychic), Jolteon (electric), Sylveon (fairy), Eevee (normal).
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