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Something New

This is the second look of our wedding nail art set for Julep!

When I think of something new, I think of something that is more bold and non-traditional for a wedding manicure. I came across a really classy modern wedding cake and it reminded me of just that. I decided to recreate design as a manicure.

I painted each layer of the cake design on a different nail using a black, white, and gold color scheme. On my thumb is a hand-painted gold rose/floral pattern on white, on my index and pinky fingers is a black lattice pattern accented by a gold dot, a simple gold dotticure on my middle finger, and a single gold rose over white on my ring finger. This a little louder than the delicate look Rathy created for Something Old, but if you’re feeling like trying something new, maybe this is the look for you. :-)

Something New Petite Peinture Julep Wedding Nail Art
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