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Il Etait Un Vernis – Végétal

The lovely ladies at Il Etait Un Vernis sent us another gorgeous collection! This one is called Végétal which translates to “vegetable” in English but generally means something more like “plant life” I think. We’re moving on from the cold winter into spring. That means new life, new growth, and everything is exploding with colors and scents.

This new collection is full of color and perfect for spring. Again, the formula is amazing. I really love how the polishes go on. You can find more information on their polishes here.

And now on to the polishes!
Petite Peinture: Il Etait Un Vernis - Végétal
Petite Peinture: Il Etait Un Vernis - Végétal Continue for more photos


Red Roses

It’s been a little while for me since I last posted. Some things arose and I had to take a small hiatus. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more nail art and swatches in the coming days.

Since spring is here, I wanted to do something floral. These are some simple roses using acrylics instead to blend the red and white for a more realistic affect. I kept it neutral on the other nails, so that the roses would shine as the main focal point.

Petite Peinture: Red Roses Continue for more photos