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Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

It’s that time of year. Lots of festivities and holiday cheer! And what better way to dress up your holiday nails than with some candy cane stripes. I keep imagining that they smell like peppermint. :) Click on the more link for the full tutorial on how to recreate the look for this holiday season. All of the polishes used are available at Live Love Polish!

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Multicolor Rhinestones & Stripes

The wonderful Allison of Born Pretty sent us a few nail art items for review and we will be sharing them in a few separate posts. The first item up for review are the rhinestones (Item #15228). If you use the offer code DGG10, you’ll get 10% off at the born pretty store! How awesome is that? ;)

These are super cute multi color rhinestones, at about 1-2mm in diameter. In different angles, the rhinestones change from a bright green and yellow to a lovely pink and bronze. I loved the small size as well as the shift in the color. I thought that these were a perfect addition to my accent nails and my nails still looked classy and practical. I personally like to keep the amount of 3D decorations on my nail minimal. Just a little here and there can make a huge difference, no need to go overboard.

I have a few more ideas in mind for how I would like to use these. Here is one look using grays and small pops of color to balance out the colors in the rhinestones.

MultiColor Rhinetones and Stripes Petite Peinture Nail Art Born Pretty

Placing the rhinestones: I applied a layer of top coat, then used tweezers to place them. You might want to apply a 2nd layer of top coat after placing the rhinestones to seal them in.

MultiColor Rhinetones and Stripes Petite Peinture Nail Art Born Pretty
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Blue Glitter Stripe

Daisy and I have been extremely busy with our full time jobs, so we haven’t been able to do as many new nails and posts. On top of that, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have a lot of other things on my mind as my husband and I prepare for a baby. We’re very excited though.

In order to not fall too behind, I did a quick glitter stripe nail art that’s bound to get some compliments. It’s very fun and flirty.

Petite Peinture: Blue Glitter Stripe Continue for more photos