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Zoya Ignite Collection – Yuna

2 coats and a top coat
Loooooooooove! This polish is amazing. The formula coats in just two layers for full coverage. It’s a warm grey color with flecks of copper and gold “liquid metal” as it states on Zoya’s website. I absolutely love the hint of shimmer because it makes the polish a little more forgiving versus one that is a flat color polish. It’s just enough of a shimmer that keeps it sophisticated, and this warm grey is another perfect one for the fall. I’m so glad I picked up Yuna from Zoya’s Ignite Collection.

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Zoya Entice Collection – Genevieve

3 coats and a top coat
Genevieve is labeled as a deep rich cool leather grey color, although it actually looks more like a deep blue grey color in my opinion. And the photos will show it. The first coat will be a little alarming as it coats on very sheer. However, with patience and a couple of more coats, the formula actually works in a way where it becomes very opaque after the third coat. So use thin layers to build up your color.

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Zoya Naturel Deux (2) Collection – Madeline

2 coats and a top coat
I only purchased a couple of polishes from Zoya’s Naturel Deux Collection. Just the ones that I knew I’d most likely wear. And Madeline was a lovely shade that went well with my skin tone. It’s described as a muted rose cream. It went on smoothly and covered in only two coats. I’m a definite fan of Madeline. Not only that, it’s also my daughter’s name! :cute:

Petite Peinture: Zoya Naturel Deux (2) Collection - Madeline View more swatch photos ➝


Frankenstein Stitches

It’s been awhile since I posted last. Daisy has been holding up the fort, and I really appreciate it. The reason that I’ve been MIA is that I gave birth to my daughter and I’ve been mainly in recovery mode, as well as mommy mode. So Petite Peinture had to take a backseat for just a little bit until I get myself adjusted to this new schedule.

October has somehow flew by, and I can’t believe Halloween is next week. So I decided to do a really quick and easy nail design to post. I used my favorite nude polish by Deborah Lippmann to extend the tone of my skin. Added a tip of bright green and used a thin paint brush to paint on the stitches.

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